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Human Development Commission (HUDECO), is an organization built to Accelerate the basic Human Instinct, of learning through every mean, every experience all what come across. This vary nature of human being is affected by numerous aspects i.e. Environment, Education, Food, Finance, Govt., Religion, culture & Tradition, Lack of awareness and so on.

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Since the inception , We/Human has marked the recorded growth and advancement, In today’s Era where technology and science has become far advance, we have reached to Moon, penetrated Universe all this happened because of our curiosity to Know and learn. We learnt by everything , we can keep watch on environment, we can track lunar activities, we can calculate movement deep down the earth, we can predict rain, Human functionality has become automated using robots, Computers, and lot more.

In spite of these well known facts, we are still lagged behind reason not having collective measures, we as a Human have tendency to adapt, all what we pass through, globally there are majority of communities, living under extreme poverty with no food, no education, no cloths, bitter health, no basic facilities andsoon.

In the current time where our nation is in quarantine, and passing through severe sickness all across its domains , where humanity superseded by inhuman acts, where politics is no longer people oriented , whe re cultural amalgamation resulted many jaw turning aft ermaths.

In such era where system failure is sure and formatting follow through re installation has to be manifested. In such awe stuck issues HUDECO is committed to their work, helping humanity to uplift and cont ributing t o Soc iety/system through making Public Policy and focusing over sustainability Development and efficient implementation of that.

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We at HUDECO follow a crystal clear ideology, with the people from diverse areas with least materialism in mind, planning, executing, understanding new areas of need, creating New Network, doing all to help/support/assist those with None.

Pt. Kabeer Goswami

National Coordinator

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