“The goal as a social organisation is to execute campaign & projects which truly  accounts, develops & elevates life and help people realise the power of being human.
but legendary.”
– Vinod Kumar
How we work

How we execute our development projects

Human Development Commission focuses towards elevating the standards of living and mindsets, soul-sets and heart sets of people by providing them environment through various conducts . Since the inception , We/Human has marked the recorded growth and advancement, In today’s Era where technology and science has become far advance, we have reached to Moon, penetrated Universe all this happened because of our curiosity to Know and learn. We learnt by everything , we can keep watch on environment, we can track lunar activities, we can calculate movement deep down the earth, we can predict rain, Human functionality has become automated using robots, Computers, and lot more.

In such era where system failure is sure and formatting follow through re installation has to be manifested. In such awe stuck issues HUDECO is committed to their work, helping humanity to uplift and cont ributing t o Soc iety/system through making Public Policy and focusing over sustainability Development and efficient implementation of that.

Step 1:
Need Analysis 

HUDECO never attempts to any area randomly a thorough analysis is done to assess the need and find out the best possible ways to optimise the solution.

Step 2:
Project Design

Post analysis it comes to develop a strategic roadmap comprising requirements and impact and procedures to make it accountable is always on high priority.

Step 3:

This is the most important where we use all of our resources, experience and understanding to enhance the impact of projects/campaigns in order to achieve set targets.


Participate & Contribute


Policies and agendas are truly been made and populated everywhere but HUDECO follows a simple philosophy of  talking less and contributing more.


As a young organisation HUDECO is highly energetic but balanced at the same time and never loses the gravity and focus.


We are democratic by nature and keeps open all of its entrances for new ideas and innovation. HUDECO believes in continuous learning and innovation.

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