Human Development Commission is an initiative designed to stimulate the natural human instinct, to learn in every possible way, to experience everything that turned out to be true.  Human Development Commission (HUDECO) is an effort to promote essential social realms, i.e. Poverty, education, human rights violations, empowerment of women, ethical values, awareness & other anti-social and anti-nature behaviors are increasing due to unconscious cognitive behavior. At HUDECO we will assist with our innovative way of working & organizing together with our team for all underprivileged & privileged individuals. HUDECO acknowledges the need for improvising and reform in all the undermining values for this we have built some tailer-made solutions to meet the standards we expect.

As with the pandemic situation of recent times, everyone has been warned. Our governments are doing remarkable things to resolve this crisis. We at HUDECO have therefore taken an initiative to support the movement for the Oath to the Country which is called #OathForNation. 

#OathForNation is a nationwide campaign to create awareness and make people aware of people’s choices, so that we can avoid rapid pandemic growth. In order to overcome this infectious disease everyone should take our own preventive measures. As the saying “prevention is better than cure” has been quite old. HUDECO builds awareness at its root level which encourages more people to contribute to our country.

In regard to contribute to our nation in the campaign you just need to record a video with a given script and post it on your social media site using the hastags # oathfornation # fightcovid19. HUDECO builds awareness at its root level which encourages more people to contribute to our country.

In the last concluding lines we HUDECO members take a # oathForNation that we will obey the instructions provided by governments to resolve this pandemic with all possible ways. It’s a forum for every individual to come and join us for our nation’s better future. “If together we are, together we win”.


Nivedita Singh

HUDECO- Activist

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  1. Kalyani Upadhyay
    April 29, 2020

    You’re doing great work. India needs more people like you and HUDECO in this hard time. Great article comprising of relevant information along with explanatory facts..! Great to come across this.. Wonferful

  2. Akash
    April 29, 2020

    Nice mam u have written very well and touched every stone whatever needed to to be touched .thanku so mch. I too take oath against covid 19 .

  3. Rahul Singh
    April 29, 2020

    Nice Work…Seems good to see the youth like uh making such an effort in this crucial time…..keep it up….hope dis article will encourage more people to come forward…!!

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