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We at HUDECO follow a crystal clear ideology, with the people from diverse areas with least materialism in mind, planning, executing, understanding new areas of need, creating New Network, doing all to help/support/assist those in need.

Pt. Kabeer GoswamiNational Coordinator

This experience and knowledge guide companies through the regulatory hurdles that create challenges for today and tomorrow in developed and developing countries.

Parvinder SinghCognitive Science Expert

Mr. Parvinder Singh has done a scholarly research and developed very innovative programs for genius assessment and technology which is instrumental in genius identification and learning.

Vivek TiwariNational Training Coordinator

Mr. Vivek Tiwari is a corporate trainer and also help organisations to build out reach and grow revenues by providing procedures or introducing missing links  – he contributes HUDECO largely in growing network and execution of key projects.

Prakul SinghSocial Activist

Prakul is a creative professional his writing and project direction capabilities are instrumental. He also appeals to young mind and very curious and fast learner also plays very key role in social media marketing.

Vinod KumarNational Project Coordinator

A creative professional having 20 years of experience in dramatic arts and actionable methods and also a teacher, thought leader, writer who teaches through theatrical action method and enhances the experience and also helped thousands of students through his methods and teaching.

jagmohan BhattiLegal Advisor

A law professional who has been practicing in Supreme/High Coarts and also a hard core social worker who used his experience and skill fo social welfare and individual upliftment and to help those who really need it.

CA R.S. ChauhanPrincipal Advisor

A chartered accountant and creative individual very fond of helping people and uplifting underprivileged despite being very busy serving clients.

Sanjay JadhavState Coordinator - Maharshtra

Mr. Sanjay Jadhav a social worker and very active in public domain his approach to build network and executing programs are unmatchable. His experience and capabilities are truly instrumental.

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